Information & Cyber Security

Information and Cyber security are no longer optional.

RushKeep can help your business establish the appropriate governance controls and advise on the options available for upgrading your protection measures.

The EU wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into UK law on Friday 25th May 2018, with new powers to fine non-conforming companies.

All businesses do need to fully assess the impact of these changes.  For UK business it is particularly significant step change in the law, giving enhanced rights to data subjects.

The full EU document can be found here

To supplement this legislation when coming into UK law the UK Data Protection Act (DPA) was given Royal Assent on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

The UK DPA includes the UK Government’s chosen derogations from the EU GDPR

The full UK DPA 2018 can be found here

Clause 198 on page 117 of the UK DPA 2018 is explicit about the direct liability of company directors, etc.

The supervisory authority for data protection in the UK continues to be the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

See the UK Information Commissioner’s Office here

The ICO continue to take action against non-conforming organisations and their representatives – see here


RushKeep Solutions can help your business with GDPR and UK DPA compliance – either by providing oversight to the compliance activities that are being done internally, or by undertaking work directly if internal resources are not available.

GDPR compliance is becoming a requirement for obtaining government contracts.


Cyber Essentials:
Has your business yet considered assessment as part of the government cyber essentials programme which can be found here.

Cyber essentials certification is becoming a requirement for obtaining government contracts.


RushKeep can help your business with completing this assessment, obtaining certification and advising on better practice to improve your system defences.